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Does China deserve the benefits of being classified a 'developing country'?
New polls and a report issued last week show Republicans who fail to address the issue aren’t helping themselves with business or voters.
The competition has grown into a global movement for equality, rights and dignity for the world’s most vulnerable population.
The basics of the current nuclear deal with Iran were actually endorsed in 2006, by George W. Bush.
The former president of Chad scuttled his trial for mass crimes by turning the principles of human rights defenders against them.
I’ve been drug-free for nearly a month. Here is what I learned about my own seven-month weaning process.
She proposes the highest tax rate since the mid-20th century.
A new surveillance law will enhance France’s antiterror defenses.
A scholarship program for poor kids survives a union legal assault.
The frustrating approach in 2012 demanded change. This cannot come as a surprise to today’s candidates.
My seeing-eye dog can’t help me with your website. Please code it for accessibility.
Banks have promoted a myth to preserve a competitive moat around what has been a very lucrative business.
Yasiel Puig has played in only 53 of the Dodgers' 100 games. After spending five weeks on the disabled list because of a strained hamstring, he is batting .253 with six home runs and 22 runs batted in.
The Houston Astros were a bit of a novelty in the first four weeks of the season, when they won 18 of 25 games to open a seven-game lead over the Angels.
As dominant as Ronda Rousey has been in the Ultimate Fighting Championship octagon, she is also among the organization's most compliant employees.
People like Pretty Arojojoye are a big part of the reason President Obama repeatedly pledges to return to Africa after he leaves office.
Jen Welter will help coach Arizona Cardinals inside linebackers this summer -- and she'll be making history in the process.
The Boy Scouts of America lifted a blanket ban on gay scout leaders Monday but will allow religious-backed scout groups to deny leadership positions based on sexual orientation.
The setting was Wrigley Field, but the plot was strictly Hollywood: 41,000-plus people watching in rapt attention as the pitcher enters the ninth inning with a no-hitter. He retires the first two batters, then faces the rookie phenom, who works a full count. Obviously fatigued, the pitcher struggles...
We understand why some Chicagoans don't want their city to be known as "Chiraq." But it's better than being known as The City of Big, Thin-Skinned Shoulders.
Pentagon officials charged with targeting Islamic State in Syria are having some fun with their map of the region this week. That's because they - finally! - have permission from the Turkish government to use the U.S. air base at Incirlik, Turkey, just 60 miles from the Syrian border. Until now,...
Health care consolidation is not a sexy issue. It's not the sort of thing you want to bring up at a dinner party. And yet this is a topic you ought to pay attention to, because the mergers creating mega-insurers and mega-providers are going to have a big impact on your life in the near future.
Turkey's airstrikes against Islamic State and its decision to allow U.S. warplanes to operate from its air bases are in direct response to terrorist attacks in the Turkish town of Suruc earlier in the week. The cause-and-effect relationship highlights what's becoming a central strategic dilemma...
"First off," Scott Walker proclaimed, "we took on the unions, and we won. We won!"
They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and still expecting a different result.We will soon find out whether our senators are truly insane.Tucked into a dusty corner of the Senate’s Highway Trust Fund bill — legislation that must pass before the fund runs dry on July 31 — is a zombie proposal to hire private debt-collection agencies to hound delinquent taxpayers on behalf of the Internal Revenue Service. Read full article >>
The most surprising revelation in recent presidential polling is not that Donald Trump has low favorability in key states — a welcome indicator of national sanity — but rather that Hillary Clinton’s numbers are almost as bad. Put another way: A vacuous, gaffe-prone, xenophobic, conspiracy-minded reality television star whose nomination, by most accounts, would destroy the GOP has about the same approval ratings in Colorado and Iowa as the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination. Read full article >>
The latest controversy over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails — the allegation that classified information was improperly transmitted on her private e-mail server — is, or should be, a non-scandal.Clinton has only herself to blame for a lot of the e-mail mess. She should have behaved like other government officials and used an official account, however cumbersome the multiple-device consequences might have been.Read full article >>
Uber just ran over the mayor of New York. Bill de Blasio (D) wanted to limit the company’s expansion, citing traffic and complaints from the taxi industry, which is, as the saying goes, on the wrong side of history. Uber marshaled most of the world’s lobbyists and consultants and, in the apt description of the online journal Capital “crushed the mayor.” He merely decided to study the matter.Read full article >>
Bob Dole, now 92 and in a wheelchair, made a rare return visit to Congress on Monday to celebrate this week’s 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act — the sort of big bipartisan triumph of yore that now seems unimaginable.Read full article >>
President Obama promised that his nuclear deal with Iran would not be “based on trust” but rather “unprecedented verification.” Now it turns out Obama’s verification regime is based on trust after all — trust in two secret side agreements negotiated exclusively between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that apparently no one (including the Obama administration) has seen. Read full article >>
Her suicide is questionable, but it's clear the trooper is morally guilty.   
Too many records — mental treatment, restraining orders — still don’t get into the database.   
Not only is it unconstitutional, it’s failing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands.   
Sandra Bland, arrested after a traffic stop on July 10, was found dead in her cell three days later.   
We can't deter those who mean us harm if we're outgunned in cyberspace   
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