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The brutal attacks on civilians in South Sudan should be a top item on the president’s agenda during his visit to Africa this month.
Why stores and offices are so over-airconditioned.
A backlash led by the G.O.P. would be a mistake. What’s to fear? A married same-sex couple with affordable insurance?
Having a good time seemed like the whole point of life.
Minute by minute, just what are we searching for?
Our wheat phobia distracts us from the real problem.
Puerto Rico is a failed welfare state that needs a Detroit-like overhaul.
The anti-Catholic Blaine Amendment is used to kill vouchers.
Obama’s plan to rank universities dies in deserved obscurity.
Now that we know she edited the emails before turning them over, the entire record is suspect.
CIA Director John Brennan says America’s top spies are not diverse enough, and he’s doing something about it.
If you’re old enough to serve, you’re old enough to be served. Let’s change the drinking age.
The Lakers are no longer the Lakers.
It's not quite Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, or Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, but the ongoing rivalry between Matt "the Megatoad" Stonie and Joey "Jaw" Chestnut played out yet again at the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Nathan's Famous.
The Lakers are finalizing details to acquire Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, a middle-tier option after the team struck out on a slew of big-name free agents this week.
A small plane crash landed Saturday afternoon on the beach in Carlsbad, and one person appears to have been injured, officials said.
To the leaders of the European Union who warn that Greece might soon be expelled from their midst, Lydia Lenossi has an ancient reminder.
Petra Kvitova is a tall left-hander from the Czech Republic, with flowing blond hair and flowing tennis strokes, who loves the grass at Wimbledon. She has won the women's title here twice, including last year.
Donald Trump sees himself as a martyr to the truth. All he did was point out that among the foreigners who have come to this country are some who do not scrupulously abide by all our criminal laws - only to be pilloried for his honesty.
These are tough times for patriotism. In March, a Georgia man who described himself as a "patriot" was charged with planting a bomb in the hope that Muslims would be blamed. And what NFL team has the worst reputation for cheating? The Patriots. As we mark Independence Day, let's wave the flag for...
Regardless of what you think about last week's Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, you have to admire the raw capitalistic pluck of the dozens of American corporations that decided, upon the majestic release of Justice Anthony Kennedy's addled mandate from Mount Make-Up-A-Law, to immediately...
Life is full of trade-offs, even in matters of life and death. Automakers could make a vehicle that would make almost any crash survivable - but only at a cost too high for most motorists to pay. So consumers and regulators settle for equipment that enhances safety at a reasonable price.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials would have you think the financial catastrophe they face can be entirely blamed on a scapegoat named Springfield.
Over the last few years, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has helped launch the commercial space flight business. His company, Space Exploration Technologies, better known as SpaceX, could boast of a string of successes ferrying cargo to the International Space Station and sending satellites...
Heroism tends to be understood as a matter of public display — the bystander racing into a burning building, the soldier braving fire to rescue a comrade. But there is heroism, as well, of a quieter, more self-effacing variety — the unintentional hero, quiet but determined, who acts in the vacuum of others’ complacency.Read full article >>
“What chumps!” — Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., June 29, 2015Roberts’s intellectual complexity does not prevent him from expressing himself pithily, as he did with those words when dissenting in a case from Arizona. Joined by Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr., Roberts’s dissent should somewhat mollify conservatives who are dismayed about his interpretive ingenuity four days earlier in writing the opinion that saved the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, they, including this columnist, may have missed a wrinkle in Roberts’s ACA opinion that will serve conservatives’ long-term interests. Read full article >>
Stranger things have happened in American politics, but the sudden surge of Democratic/populist Bernie Sanders and Republican/pompulist Donald Trump puts one in mind of alternate universes.And I don’t mean Miss Universes.Read full article >>
There are aspects of the American Revolution that are neither well known nor appreciated. To be sure, the signers of the Declaration of Independence were brave and great men, as ex-slave, abolitionist and fiery orator Frederick Douglass acknowledged in his July 5, 1852, speech in Rochester, N.Y. But Douglass, noting slavery’s continued existence 76 years after the first Independence Day, advised the crowd: “This Fourth of July is yours, not mine.” Read full article >>
As the 12-year-old daughter of then-Gov. Linwood Holton Jr., I helped integrate our formerly racially divided public schools here in Virginia. I have spent much of my working life focused on children and families at the margin, with full appreciation of the crucial role education can and must play in helping young people escape poverty and become successful adults. Read full article >>
On June 21, 1985, a few dozen scruffily dressed kids declared “Revolution Summer” with a thunderous “punk percussion protest” at the apartheid-era South African Embassy. That night, the band Rites of Spring officially welcomed the new season with a sweat- and passion-drenched show at the 9:30 Club. Ridiculed by some at the time, 30 years later it has become clear these were “shots heard around the world.”Read full article >>
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."   
Those who serve and protect; ruling on gay marriage; and freedom and Cuba.   
Conservatives have a bad track record predicting family apocalypse.   
The only thing worse than a lying politician is one who tells the truth.   
Readers share a patriotic moment and thoughts on how to unite country.   
If Republican presidential candidates can't stand up to blow-dried blowhard, forget China.   
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