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Domestication happened to humans, too. We’ve evolved a lot like pets.
Why is click bait so reviled?
With the renewed violence in Ferguson, we’re once again caught in a painful debate about race in America.
Distrust of law enforcement presents a grave danger to the civic fabric of the United States.
In his testimony, he said the unarmed teenager “looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots.”
After the midterm debacle, liberals are looking for a compelling national vision.
The administration’s Office of Legal Counsel endorsed a view of executive power never imagined by the Founders.
The Defense chief takes the fall for the failures at the White House.
Since 2010 U.S. productivity has grown at a miserable rate. And no one, not even the Fed, seems to understand why.
The legal memo backing his immigration order is a political rush job.
Iran gets seven more months to build a bomb and erode sanctions.
The Brown family and President Obama offer the right response.
Maybe President Obama is just trolling?
It is a time-honored tradition in American politics: Whenever the president turns unpopular, he fires someone and brings in a tried and tested veteran to clean house. Thus in 1987, in the middle of the Iran-Contra affair, out went Donald Regan as Ronald Reagan's White House chief of staff, to...
The lawsuit the House GOP filed against President Obama on Friday opened a new front in the attack on the 2010 healthcare law, this time targeting the subsidies that reduce deductibles, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses faced by lower-income Americans. According to the complaint, the...
It's disappointing that negotiations on Iran's nuclear program failed to produce a final agreement by Monday's deadline. But the decision by Iran and six world powers to keep talking is vastly preferable to the alternative. A rupture in the negotiations would have freed Iran from its commitment...
After long and intense negotiations, the so-called P5-plus-1 nations (the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council and Germany) and Iran finally agreed to extend the deadline for their ongoing talks until July 1. This was the second time both sides needed to extend the deadline since...
The sexual abuse of students at Miramonte Elementary School was creepy beyond measure, involving a "game" in which third-graders were blindfolded and fed cookies tainted with their teacher's semen. But the astonishing $139-million legal settlement — on top of an earlier $30-million...
Half a century before protests and violence racked Ferguson, Mo., racial clashes in a south Chicago suburb followed a similarly tragic scenario. Both situations included petty shoplifting — allegedly cigars outside St. Louis, a bottle of gin in Dixmoor. Both involved charges that the...
I'm not the sort to wear my patriotism on my sleeve, much less my lapel. But I won't deny the catch in my throat when I played a certain video making the rounds on social media this week.
If there were any doubts that 2014 would go down in history as a turning point for auto safety, last week's Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee hearing on defective air bags erased them. Coming on the heels of the still-expanding investigation into General Motors' faulty...
The first Ferguson protests had two slogans: "Hands up, don't shoot" — referring to Michael Brown's final actions before he was killed — and "Justice for Michael Brown." And when you asked protesters what they meant by "justice," they replied with a plea for accountability. In their...
Those in the millennial generation began their adult lives by witnessing one of the greatest financial crashes in history. It would be unsurprising, therefore, if millennials avoided the stock market, much as their grandparents did after the Great Depression.
Recent events have not cast a flattering light on President Barack Obama's approach to military and security matters. The rise of the Islamic State has forced him to reverse his withdrawal from Iraq. Vladimir Putin has seized Crimea from neighboring Ukraine and may not stop there.
We Americans pride ourselves on not having a “welfare state.” We’re not like Europeans. We’re more individualistic and self-reliant, and although we may have a “social safety net” to protect people against unpredictable personal and societal tragedies, we explicitly repudiate a comprehensive welfare state as inherently un-American. Read full article >>
Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, recently cautioned Americans against intervention fatigue: “I think there is too much of ‘Oh, look, this is what intervention has wrought’ . . . one has to be careful about overdrawing lessons.” Say what? Given the calamities wrought in Iraq, Libya and now Ukraine, one would think that a fundamental rethinking and learning of lessons is long overdue. The United States needs a sober look at the actual costs of supposed good intentions divorced from realism. Read full article >>
CHICAGO Reading, writing, ’rithmetic, computer science. In the 21st century, these are the core competencies required for educational and, eventually, professional advancement. But in the war over standardized testing and other curricular concerns, the country has largely abdicated its responsibilities to teach children even the basics of technological literacy. Read full article >>
Following President Obama’s ambitious executive order on immigration — unprecedented not in subject matter but in scope and ambition — we are left to pick through the wreckage of law and precedent. Obama’s action was a substitute for legislation — imposed precisely because legislation he favored did not pass. So what issues might have been raised during the legislative debate Obama preempted? Read full article >>
Where are the men? I am talking about men who live by a certain code, who know that rape is repugnant, that gang rape is vile and that so-called men who do these things are criminals. I am talking at the moment of the frat boys at the University of Virginia who are accused of raping a young woman. But I am also talking of all those who knew what was happening — at the time or afterward. They are not men, either. Read full article >>
It’s a surprise to see President Obama actually fire someone. But I have to worry that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s forced departure may signal further expansion of U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Syria. Read full article >>
No indictment does not mean there should be no change in Ferguson or the nation.   
Even without indictment of Darren Wilson, we can fight poverty and predatory government.   
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John Pistole spoke recently with the USA TODAY's Editorial Board.   
We asked our readers what they thought should be done to heal the town.   
Despite risks and setbacks, it's worth it to pursue talks on Iran nuclear program.   
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