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Britain’s universities have been infiltrated by Islamist extremists for years. I was one of them.
Now that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has had his say, it’s time to ask: What is in America’s best interest?
The world should see through the Israeli prime minister’s alarmist rhetoric about Iran.
A union-run charter school in New York struggled from the start.
As American students lag behind their peers in other countries, how can the U.S. ensure and improve the quality of school instruction?
The prime minister of Israel offered no new reasons to reject the agreement being negotiated by the United States to constrain Iran’s nuclear program.
Cut the corporate rate to 25%.For individuals and families, reduce the current seven brackets to two: 15% and 35%.
Foreign donors and private email show how Bill and Hillary work.
The Israeli Prime Minister takes apart the looming Iran deal.
A judge finds the agency withheld documents and then lied about it.
Al Sisi’s methods are harsh, but he’s an ally against radical jihad.
Bad government policy has kept the economy caged. Here’s how to spur growth quickly.
If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu really didn't want his speech on Tuesday to look political, he chose a strange place to deliver it: the U.S. House of Representatives, one of the most politicized places on Earth.
In the United States, where doctors write more than 250 million prescriptions for painkillers a year, the frequency of abuse and overdose represents a public health crisis. More than 15,000 Americans died from an overdose of prescription opioids in 2013.
In a decade or so, when most people her age will be retiring from their working lives, Elena Shateni, now 58, plans to be starting a new life planting the human flag on Mars. Or so she hopes. The Santa Monica holistic medicine specialist is one of 100 semifinalists vying to become the first...
Voters in Los Angeles head to the polls Tuesday to answer a crucial question for local democracy: Should the city and the Los Angeles Unified School District, in an effort to increase voter participation, move their elections from March and May of odd-numbered years to June and November of...
On Sunday, L.A. police shot and killed an unarmed but belligerent homeless man on San Pedro Street in skid row. As in other recent cases in which police around the country have killed unarmed suspects, it is not entirely clear what actually happened — or what might have happened had the...
The biggest surprise from the California Republican convention Sunday was not the party's decision to formally recognize the Log Cabin Republicans; it was that it hadn't done so already.
The Chicago Cubs were hoping for a warm winter. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was hoping he'd be re-elected without a runoff. Both were disappointed.
Billionaire investor Warren Buffett thinks Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., would be more effective if she were less angry.
One of the greatest modern aids for driving is not intended for drivers at all.
Mother Jones, a feisty investigative magazine with a left-progressive slant, has been on the warpath lately in pursuit of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. The charge: serial exaggerations and outright whoppers of a sort that brought punishment for NBC's Brian Williams.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a blistering speech to Congress on Tuesday, raising images of the Holocaust and warning that an impending nuclear deal with Iran would be worse than no deal at all. Among his objections to the deal-in-progress as it has been reported: The...
Russian President Vladimir Putin wants the public to believe he doesn't benefit from the death of Boris Nemtsov, and some of the slain politician's anti-Kremlin allies seem inclined to agree. Putin has used this propaganda line before, however, and there's no reason to believe it now. Nemtsov's...
I’m getting that deja vu feeling as House Republicans these past several days have failed to alter the public’s perception that they’re incapable of governing. This week marked Episode 2, Season 2 in the series “Homeland Security Face-Off.” Subtitle: “How Republicans Forfeit the White House in 2016.”Read full article >>
Nancy Pelosi looked as if she might charge the well of the House and confront Benjamin Netanyahu personally.When the Israeli prime minister, in his controversial address to Congress on Tuesday, suggested that the deal the Obama administration is negotiating with Iran only seeks to “delay the inevitable” of a nuclear-armed Iran, the House Democratic leader shook her index finger, balled her hand into a fist and spoke angrily to her neighbor, Democratic whip Steny Hoyer (Md.).Read full article >>
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lobbied powerfully against a nuclear agreement with Iran in a well-crafted speech to Congress on Tuesday. The problem is that he has now created a zero-sum game with the Obama administration, in which either the president or the prime minister seems likely to come out a loser.Read full article >>
Hillary Clinton may not have a serious opponent for the Democratic nomination — except herself.The Clintons’ unfortunate tendency to be their own worst enemy is on display again, with reports that, as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton conducted official business solely from a personal e-mail account. Read full article >>
Potential Republican presidential candidates are neck-deep in the “money primary,” schlepping from one wealthy watering hole to another, kissing the proper palms, stroking the insatiable egos, and if successful, pocketing commitments and cash.Read full article >>
Back in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party have run a campaign ad reminding voters of another time when the United States and Israel differed. That was 1948 at the very creation of the state. Harry S. Truman was the U.S. president and George C. Marshall was the secretary of state. Truman was being lobbied to recognize Israel. Marshall, not to put too fine a point on it, thought that was dumb. Truman did it anyway, but Marshall, if I may be so bold, had a point — and it is one that Netanyahu himself has lost sight of.Read full article >>
For radicals in Washington, Israel and Iran, what's not to like about address to Congress?   
'King v. Burwell' is about more than IRS rules; it could kill the employer mandate, too.   
What others are saying about the nuclear weapons negotiations, starting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.   
It avoids prosecutorial overkill but also demonstrates that the law applies to everyone.   
Doyle Rice, USA TODAY weather reporter, answers this reader question about the amount of snowfall seen this winter in New England. Have a question? Ask us using #askusatoday on Twitter or emailing askusatoday@usatoday.com.   
A nurse who contracted Ebola after treating a patient filed a lawsuit against a Texas hospital.   
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